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I took Foresworn's resolution system for a little spin with Kat and Michele last night. It was ... insightful.

The parts I thought would be fun weren't. There was a tiny glimmer of potential fun in a part I never suspected. The whole thing crashed and burned in less than an hour. For an initial playtest, it was very productive. That's what initial playtests are supposed to do.

But it certainly wasn't "fun."

Afterward I figured I commisserate w/ Luke over IM. Luke never lets one rest in self-criticism or resignation, though. Within he had me writing a mission statement for my game without realizing I was writing a mission statement. Tricksy abzu!

So, with regard to preparing the game for release at Origins, I'm in really, really good shape. I have continually reinvigorated purpose. I've discovered some ideas that don't work and some ideas that might work with more development. This is a good place to be.

However, with regard to running the scheduled game at Southern Exposure this Saturday, I've got nothin'! No way am I going to be able to cobble this together into something that will entertain a group of strangers for four hours. But I've committed to run and I'm not about to throw in the towel and quit! So what do I do?

I cheat, that's what. I grab an already-designed-and-published game, write up a scenario for some of my setting ideas, and run that. I'll tell any players that "Foresworn isn't ready for playtest, but I've prepped this other game to run instead."

My first instinct is TSoY, due to its similarity of tone, but I've never actually run nor played it, just read it. I'll go with something I know a little better: Sorcerer. Humanity = Idealism. Demons = Pragmatists, things of the world. I'm sure I'll learn a great deal by adapting my character concepts to Sorcerer in any case.
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