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Moving, and SHU on Actual People, Actual Play

Due to the increase in intrusive advertising and other technical issues, I'll be leaving LiveJournal for the greener pastures of Wordpress. My new blog is Multitudinous Seas. I'll be posting updates here at least through the 10 Favorite Mechanics series, but eventually I'll be posting over there exclusively.

I have the day off work Monday and a ton of errands, so no post in the 10 Favorite Mechanics series. However, I just listened to the most amazing podcast review of Serial Homicide Unit! Will, Laura, and Jesse recorded an episode of Actual People, Actual Play with great attention to detail and insight into the game. If my occasional posts about the game have left you with any doubt about whether Serial Homicide Unit is a game you'd enjoy, please take 25 minutes and listen to this podcast. It takes the game apart, describes how it works and what kind of fun is in it. Great thanks to the APAP crew!
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